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We, at YS GOH TARPAULIN PRINTING, was founded with the ambition and passion to serve the printing needs of the mass public. Since March 2017, we have grown to become an all-encompassing printing company, not only to serve the needs of the local community, but to also cater to the requirements of the private and corporate sectors within the city. In a deeper exploration into an extended list of clients who work with us, this gazette includes; the local government, schools, as well as corporate businesses.

Today, we currently house 4 branches under our wing, with our pioneer outlet located at Inzo, Roxas City, and 3 additional outlets set to commence business operations in 2018. They are as follows;

1st branch – Inzo, Roxas City
2nd branch – Fuentes Drive, Roxas city
3rd branch – Mambusao, Municipality city
4th branch – Pontevedra, Leki city 


In order to stay abreast with the latest trends of the industry, we are consistently improving our business model and investing in state-of-art machinery to provide you with the highest quality, printing output. This is why, we have acquired the largest tarpaulin printer in the city – a remarkable equipment imported directly from Japan, obtained from a very reputable brand such as, MIMAKI.

For that reason, we daresay; our past and upcoming success has and always will be, driven by your immense satisfaction with our services. Therefore, trust us when we say; your printing desires and concerns, are of our utmost primary importance.

We also understand your desire for speedy response rates, thus, as a fast expanding company, we have decided to be radially well-spread and to be conspicuously located; which is why, the following cities were chosen – Roxas City, Municipality City and Leki City.


Branches and Contacts

Looking to showcase promotional material to your target audience? Join us in the effort to improve your business marketing activities now and bring life to your created designs with our printing solutions today!

Brgy. Inzo Arnaldo Village, Roxas City
Email ysgohprinting@yahoo.com
Tel No (036) 522-5279 Mobile No 09215925917

Fuentes Drive, Roxas City
Email ysdigital@yahoo.com
Tel No 6518 822 Mobile No. 09215925917

Mambusao Branch
Sta. Catalina Street Poblacion Proper
Tel No 517-0613
Mobile 09215925917/09175051406